• Blair Bracken

The Beginning


I am thrilled to finally launch the White Dove Marketplace website and blog.

Like most things, the concepts, the brainstorming of this project was simple; the execution however, has been slow and meticulous.

By trade, I am a planner, a developer and a professional fire-putter-outer (and no, not the life-saving kind you see putting out actual fires with ladder trucks). What I mean is, my profession since I was 19 has been coordinating events. I prefer that title to "Party Planner", because let me tell you... it's been no party. My title should have been "Crises Control Analyst/Manager with an emphasis on bringing people together"

Generally, for this industry, it's most common for event coordinators to burn out within 5 years. I've been going strong at eleven, and in that time I've developed many, many skills to not only flush out my expertise in event coordination, but also in marketing, business and budget development, management and communications.

Throughout my life I've been blessed with opportunities to grow professionally, and have been recognized at an early age for my abilities. I've taken those opportunities and leveraged each.

Years of building, creating, connecting and developing has brought me... here.

Finally, I have built a foundation for my passions:

Community, Art, Home, Food... I lay my heart out here.

Currently, WDM offers Soy Candles and Paintings at wholesale around the states.

We cannot at this time sell individually to consumers, though at some point in the future, we hope to provide this service as well.

There is more to come, rest assured, in what WDM will be offering. Slowly, and steadily... there is much more to come.


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